Cinčaona Helena d.o.o. maintains and improves management system that will ensure safe and steady development and growth of the compan. In order to achieve that we need satisfied customers, business partners and positive financial effects, all of which is in a long term achievable only by maintaining high and continuous quality level and constant improving all key manufacturing processes and quality control.

We manage the quality actively, meaning that the quality is constantly embedded in all phases of hot-dip galvanizing service, and we exchange information from production and distribution chains regarding safety at work, process, raw materials and service improvements. We continuously supervise and measure process efficiency and, based on the results, determine and introduce necessary improvements.

In order to achieve aforementioned endeavors, the management of Cinčaona Helena d.o.o. determines the quality objectives and ensures resources to meet them. However, the quality is a task for all employees who are, as the holders of knowledge, skills and experience, key element of the quality management system.

All of this guarantees reliability to our customers and potential future business partners.